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Matthew B. Gilmore

Act of June 20, 1874 – An Act for the Government of the District of Columbia and other purposes – 18 Stat 116

An Act for the Government of the District of Columbia and other purposes – 18 Stat 116

Complete law – Evening Star June 27, 1874; Page: 3

Seante and House votes on the legislation from GovTrack — which Congressmen voted which way
Senate Vote #237
House Vote #214
House Vote #215 to pass the legislation

Click for all the Commissioners of the District, 1874-1967

First 3 commissioners:
William Dennison 7/1/1874 to 7/1/1878
Henry T. Blow 7/1/1874 to 12/31/1874
John H. Ketcham 7/3/1874 to 6/30/1877

However, President Grant had initially proposed Governor Alexander Shepherd as one of the District Commissioners. This was not approved.
Proposed Commissioners

First commissioners begin to organize, July 1874 (Evening Star July 6, 1874)

The outgoing legislators had been a bit friskily jocular and had removed the furniture from the legislature.
Delegates removed furniture and feather duster

The Star, at least, was not amused with the prank.

Click for:
June 23 Evening Star





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