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Matthew B. Gilmore

Supermarkets in the District of Columbia

I’ve updated the map with the Petworth Safeway and Save-A-Lot and the new Giant location on 7th St NW.

Washington DC History Resources

In Washington DC understanding locations of supermarkets is severely hampered by the business licensing structure; major chain supermarkets did not get grocery store licenses until recently. Rather they were required to get licenses for other activities and products such as cigarettes and deli. Safeway now has grocery store licenses for its locations, as does Trader Joe’s and Wal-mart; Whole Foods and Giant have a few but mostly not. There is no distinction in licensing between a small mom-and-pop grocery and a major chain. (And here it is major chains that I am including, excluding the smaller grocery stores.)

Some supermarkets or equivalents are housed in stores offering a larger variety of items–Target and Wal-mart. The only way to know DC’s supermarkets is to know them. A handy tool for lookups: Basic Business License Verification — only current licensees.

For much of the 20th century the only supermarkets were Giant and…

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