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Matthew B. Gilmore

The federal government is a stabilizing factor in the District’s economy, but its role is getting smaller

District, Measured

In March of 2015, for the first time since September 2011, the number of federal civilian employees working in the District showed an increase. If this is the end of a three year contraction in the federal employment, it is a modest one: the net increase was only 1,100 or 0.6 percent over the first quarter of 2014.

Looking back, fluctuations in federal jobs have been associated with major developments in the District’s economy. For example, federal cutbacks contributed to the conditions surrounding the establishment of the DC Control Board in 1995. More federal jobs helped the city cope with the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and the Great Recession that began at the end of 2007. The recent loss of federal jobs appears, however, to have had only a moderate impact on the District’s economy, as total employment in DC rose by 33,634 over that period.image002

Three reasons that…

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