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Matthew B. Gilmore

Striking Shift in Educational Attainment of DC Residents 2008-2013 (was: Growth in Master’s Degree attainment in DC)

District, Measured

We know that the DC metro area is home to a greater share of college graduates than the nation as a whole. We’ve been wondering, though, how the education levels of District residents have changed as the city has gained more residents and seen changes in its job market.

We looked at educational attainment in the District since 2008 and found that while the portion of residents with a bachelor’s degree has remained about the same, there has been a meaningful increase in the percent of residents with a Master’s degree. In 2008, 15 percent of District residents had a master’s degree. That number increased to 19.5 percent by 2013. This increase was greater than the increase nationwide.

District of Columbia 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Margin     of Error Change
Less than high school 14.2% 12.9% 12.6% 12.8% 11.4% 9.9% +/- 2.2% -30.3%
High School Graduate

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