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Where does DC stand when it comes to nontax revenue: What do the numbers tell?

District of Columbia – Non-Tax Revenue Report – 9/2015http://cfo.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/ocfo/publication/attachments/Non-Tax%20Revenue%20Report%20_September%202015.pdf — summaries of more than 150 non-tax revenue sources — lots of details on fees, esp. permit fees by type. The numbers do look very strange.

District, Measured

Last month the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) issued an updated report on the District’s general purpose nontax revenue, which is largely comprised of charges for services, fees and fines. Nontax Study Report – 2015. We further compared the revenue composition of the District’s General Fund to that of five neighboring jurisdictions: the City of Alexandria, VA; Arlington County, VA; Fairfax County, VA; Montgomery County, MD; and Prince George’s County, MD. Intergovernmental transfers/revenue, such as payments from the federal and state/local governments are excluded from this analysis since our focus is on District generated revenue. For those who haven’t read about the results of the study as reported in the Washington Business Journal, here is another chance.

The District appears to rely heavily on non-tax revenue sources, such as, fines and fees, when compared with neighboring jurisdictions. Based on our analysis, the significance of nontax revenue seems…

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