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Matthew B. Gilmore

Why is there No 1100 Block of Wisconsin?

The Georgetown Metropolitan

1200 block of Wisconsin Ave.

There’s no L St. in Georgetown. You can walk straight from K St. to M St. without passing their middle sibling. And partially as a result of this, an odd numbering sequence reigns over south Georgetown. Some north-south streets have street addresses beginning with 1100, and some don’t. Here’s why:

Throughout DC, north-south streets are numbered according to the lettered cross streets. Thus the first block of, say, Fifth st. north of A St. is 0100. And once it crosses B St., the address numbers start with 0200. And so on.

The building numbers north of K St. in Georgetown are 1000. (K is the eleventh number, so you’d think the addresses north of it would be 1100, but because there’s no J street, there’s a shift after I St.) And the buildings addresses north of M St. start with 1200.

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