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Carnegie Library Apple Global Flagship Store lease agreement announced

Events DC and Apple have agreed to a lease on the Carnegie Library.  http://www.eventsdc.com/NewsRoom/PressRelease/PressReleaseDetail.aspx?id=642&year=2017&utm_source=social&utm_campaign=twitter

“Within [sic] the signed agreement, Apple will lease a portion of the Carnegie Library, comprising approximately 19,000 square feet of interior space. Apple will also have the same rights to program its portion of the building and grounds as agreed upon in the letter of intent. The lease term is ten years with two five-year options. The Historical Society, under its existing 99-year lease, will continue to operate its museum and library in the building, with approximately 13,000 square feet of space on the basement level, second and third floors.

‘This collaboration is about more than simply bringing another retail space into downtown. It showcases how a neighborhood can undergo rapid transformation while adopting the essential characteristics required to move forward into a new century,’ said Max Brown, chairman of Events DC Board of Directors. ‘As part of its philanthropic efforts, Apple will also empower local youth with job-training and educational programming. Through this collaboration, Apple’s investment in the neighborhood will stimulate additional activity and spending in the area to ensure that the community will continue to thrive.’

The partnership will breathe new life into the Carnegie Library, restoring its historic beauty while continuing and reinventing the building’s original purpose of sharing knowledge and information.”

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2 comments on “Carnegie Library Apple Global Flagship Store lease agreement announced

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