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More service cutbacks at the National Archives

In conjuction with the new fiscal year and Archives month, the National Archives again is cutting hours of service.

Consultation room hours at Archives I (downtown Washington) are brought forward to 8:45 from 9:00 am BUT then are cut by one hour from 5 to 4 pm.

  • New Consultation Hours
    In addition to a new pull schedule, there will be a change to the hours of on-site research consultation. The new consultation room hours will be 8:45 AM – 4:00 PMMondayFriday.


This may not seem very significant BUT the only way to order paper records for research is through the archivists in the consulation room. Archivists have to review and approve pull slips. What’s worse, there are no resources to prepare an adequate pull slip outside of that room–you cannot prepare in advance.  The online catalog can direct a researcher to (perhaps) the right facility but actual record group, entry number, and box number details are in the box lists in the consultation room. It is not just archivist consultation but access to the finding aids.

And for a look at the potential future in DC:

Seattle, San Francisco, and Riverside Facilities Cut Hours

Beginning October 2, 2017, the National Archives at Seattle, San Francisco, and Riverside will be open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. If you would like to view original records, please contact us in advance.

National Archives at Riverside

National Archives at San Francisco

National Archives at Seattle






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