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White House (Jackson) Magnolia history resources

White House (Jackson) Magnolia history resources


View looking northwest at magnolia located on left side of south facade – Andrew Jackson Southern Magnolia , 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, west of south portico, Washington, District of Columbia, DC. James W. Rosenthal, James W., 2006.
Library of Congress.

With so much misinformation being circulated about the “Jackson” magnolia tree at the White House here are some useful sources.
For much more informed background on the Magnolia tree on the White House grounds, read:

The Andrew Jackson Magnolia tree story

originally published here: http://www.oakridger.com/article/20100216/NEWS/302169988  A magnolia tree, Andrew Jackson and the $20 bill, By D. Ray Smith, Feb 16, 2010

— some more recent information here: http://www.history.com/news/the-white-house-is-taking-down-the-188-year-old-jackson-magnolia

The White House is Taking Down the Iconic Jackson Magnolia, by Becky Little, December 27, 2017.

— and a bit more here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jackson-magnolia-on-white-house-south-lawn-coming-down/ Part of Jackson Magnolia on South Lawn coming down, White House says by Emily Tillett, CBS News, December 26, 2017.

Worth consulting:

by Marta McDowell, 2016

Note: Smith gives the deepest historical discussion, avoiding generic historical cliches.

Note2: It is overblown to write the magnolia was “featured” on the twenty dollar bill. An image of the White House south front is on the bill, surrounded by masses of vegetation, including the magnolia.



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