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Irish Washington, DC – 2019 update

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New Swampoodle history blog post-Feb 4th, 2018:  Making Washington’s “Swampoodle”: Irish Neighborhood in the Tiber Valley

Swampoodle history blog post resources: What Once Was–Making Washington’s “Swampoodle”: Irish Neighborhood in the Tiber Valley – References and Resources

A description of St. Patrick’s Day in Washington DC in 1854.


Old St. Patrick’s Church, 10th & F Sts., N.W. [LC-DIG-npcc-28305 / LC-F8122- 44637 [P&P]]


New St. Patrick’s Church, 10th & G Sts., NW [LC-DIG-npcc-31197 / LC-F8288 [P&P]]


Irish Washington

David Baille Warden, A Chorographical and Statistical Description of the District of Columbia. 1816 LINK: https://books.google.com/books?id=VR36TpjKBM0C&pg=PP7&lpg=PP7&dq=Chorographical+and+Statistical+Description+of+the+District+of+Columbia&source=bl&ots=0d1HQ1NpGO&sig=ACfU3U1wn99O2r7M6OjFMlgRysY4IGf2Ag&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiEkvyapoPhAhWQd98KHdxLAIAQ6AEwEnoECCwQAQ#v=onepage&q=Chorographical%20and%20Statistical%20Description%20of%20the%20District%20of%20Columbia&f=false

Proposed Museum: Irish American Museum of Washington, D.C.

Books see also above: https://matthewbgilmore.wordpress.com/what-once-was-making-washingtons-swampoodle-irish-neighborhood-in-the-tiber-valley-references-and-resources/

  • Urban Odyssey: A Multicultural History of Washington, D.C.; edited by Francine Curro Cary. 1996.
    Chapter 3: McAleer, Margaret H. “‘The Green Streets of Washington’: The Experience of Irish Mechanics in Antebellum Washington.” p. 42-64.
  • Altenhofel, Jennifer Lynn. “Keeping House: Irish and Irish-American Women in the District of Columbia, 1850-1890. (Ph.D., American University, 2004)
  • Borger, Tom. Irish roots in the Nation’s Capital: A family history. 2005.
  • Gatti, Lawrence. Historic St. Stephen’s: An Account of its Eighty-five Years, 1867-1952.
  • Langley, Harold D. St. Stephen Martyr Church and the Community, 1867-1967.
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  • Schultz, Nancy Lusignan. Mrs. Mattingly’s Miracle: The Prince, the Widow, and the Cure That Shocked Washington City. 2011. locations
  • Sherwood, Suzanne Berry. Foggy Bottom 1800-1975.
  • Smith, Kathryn Schneider. Port Town to Urban Neighborhood: The Georgetown Waterfront of Washington, D.C., 1880-1920. 1989.
  • Warden, David Bailie. A Chorographical and Statistical Description of the District of Columbia. 1816. Click here for: full text
  • Diamond Jubilee of St. Aloysius’ Church, Washington, D.C. 1859-1934.
  • Gonzaga College (Gonzaga College and High School). Catalog….1860s-1930s
  • _____. Gonzaga College, an historical sketch, from its foundation in 1821 to the solemn celebration of its first centenary in 1921. 1922.
     locations and full text
  • _____. Sketch from foundation in 1821 to 1896. 1897.
  • The history of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Washington, D.C. locationsAmazon


  • Hinkel, John V. “St. Patrick’s: Mother church of Washington.” Records of the Columbia Historical Society v.57-58.
  • Kelly, Tom. “I knew my parents were Irish as soon as I knew anything.” Washingtonian March 1979: 144-150.
  • Press, Emil A. “Reminiscences by Emil Press: Growing up in Swampoodle.” Records of the Columbia Historical Society v.73/74.
  • Press, William H. “Reminiscences by William H. Press: Another view of Swampoodle.” Records of the Columbia Historical Society v.73/74.
  • Proctor, John Clagett. [historical articles published in the Sunday Star] March 17, 1935; March 17, 1940; March 20, 1949
  •  A Turbulent Time: Irish Immigrants, Free Blacks, and the Balance of Power in 1850s Washington, D.C. – By Chris Myers Asch — presented at the 2012 Annual Conference on DC Historical Studies

Neighborhoods having had major Irish population component

Foggy Bottom
See Irish Neighborhoods in Old Washington here: for more information http://www.theusgenweb.org/dcgenweb/history/irish.shtml

Noted Irish Washingtonians/men associated with Washington

Robert Brent
Patrick Buchanan
Thomas Carbery
Thomas Corcoran
James Reed Dermot
James Hoban https://www.whitehousehistory.org/honoring-the-legacy-of-james-hoban-irish-born-architect-of-the-white-house
Tom Kelly
Jeremiah O’Leary
David Baillie Warden


Irish Brigade
  • Some Interesting Notes on Washington – Michael J. O’Brien – Journal of the American-Irish Historical Society, Volume 13, 1914 p.227 ff

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