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The Evening Star: the Rise and Fall of a Great American Newspaper, November 9, 2019

Sat, November 9, 2019 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST The Evening Star author talk with Faye Haskins https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-evening-star-author-talk-with-faye-haskins-tickets-74485637547 Event Information Description The Washington Evening Star was among the top … Continue reading

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Non-mysterious Washington DC street names/naming

Recently published articles make much of the mystery behind the naming of Oklahoma Avenue: https://www.enidnews.com/news/state/oklahoma-avenue-thrives-despite-mysterious-history/article_07675fc8-7a66-5744-ac15-763d2d2b6d33.html and https://nondoc.com/2019/09/27/oklahoma-avenue-mysterious-history/ Frankly this is just silly–it’s never been a mystery or insoluble*. Between 1893 … Continue reading

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Teddy Roosevelt and Washington DC’s “Smoke Nuisance”

In of December 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt’s annual message to Congress contained a passage which would seem rather extraordinary to us today. In that day, the President sent his annual … Continue reading

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UPDATE — email distribution is resuming (H-Net (including H-DC) email distribution is down)

It’s not you… emails from H-Net haven’t been distributed since last week. This affects all lists/networks, not H-DC specifically. The content being posted on all of H-Net is there–just not … Continue reading

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Washington Welcomes the Automobile: 120-year Romance — Part II, Adoption and Regulations

PUBLISHED: JULY 24TH, 2019 By Matthew B. Gilmore* Complete column here: http://intowner.com/2019/07/24/washington-welcomes-the-automobile-120-year-romance-part-ii-adoption-and-regulations/ In 1900 there were approximately 11,000 horses in Washington, and 40 horse-shoers, and 66 commercial stables. This required … Continue reading

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Chris DeRose – Interview with a Washington DC History Author – “Star Spangled Scandal: Sex, Murder, and the Trial that Changed America”

Star Spangled Scandal: Sex, Murder, and the Trial that Changed America. Regnery History, 2019 1. Tell us about the book. A Congressman killed the US Attorney across from the White … Continue reading

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Pamela Scott – Interview with a Washington DC History Author – “Creating Capitol Hill: Place, Proprietors, and People”

Creating Capitol Hill: Place, Proprietors, and People. US Capitol Historical Society, 2018. Tell us about the book. Antiquarian Charles Carroll Carter, political historian William C. di Giacomantonio, historian-cartographer Don Alexander … Continue reading

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4th of July – Celebrating American Independence in Washington

Washington began celebrating the 4th of July as Independence Day in 1801: see https://matthewbgilmore.wordpress.com/2018/07/03/district-of-columbias-first-4th-of-july-1801/ “Free and unreserved” expression despite fiercely divided opinion was much hoped for: The definitive web resources … Continue reading

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Robert Kapsch – Interview with a Washington DC History Author – “Building Washington: Engineering and Construction of a New Federal City, 1790-1840”

Building Washington: Engineering and Construction of a New Federal City, 1790-1840 Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018 1. Tell us about the book. Building Washington: Engineering and Construction of a New … Continue reading

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Independent (non-chain) Bookstores of Washington DC (2019)

Here’s a list of names, locations, and URLs of independent/non-chain bookstores in Washington DC–new and used–with museum/organization gift shops with substantial book selling added. Begun for  the May 2, 2015 celebration … Continue reading

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