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Washington Welcomes the Automobile: 120-year Romance — Part II, Adoption and Regulations

PUBLISHED: JULY 24TH, 2019 By Matthew B. Gilmore* Complete column here: http://intowner.com/2019/07/24/washington-welcomes-the-automobile-120-year-romance-part-ii-adoption-and-regulations/ In 1900 there were approximately 11,000 horses in Washington, and 40 horse-shoers, and 66 commercial stables. This required … Continue reading

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Honk that Horn — Go to Jail: Evolution of Noise Regulation in Washington, DC

[NOTE: this is worth re-posting and (re)reading–despite the withdrawal of the Amplified Noise Amendment Act of 2018; legislation is expected this fall–ED.] Honk that Horn — Go to Jail: Evolution … Continue reading

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