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Matthew B. Gilmore

What Once Was: Naming Washington Neighborhoods

References and Resources

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Over the years, as explained in The Maryland State Archives Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland 1608-1908 by Edward C. Papenfuse, Maryland’s boundaries have shrunk and lands formerly encompassed in the Charter to Lord Baltimore of June 20, 1632, are now located in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Index 55, LAND RECORDS (Patents, Tract Index), lists tracts of land, indexed by tract name, that are now located in the District of Columbia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

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Glover Park History – Historical Sketches of Glover Park, Upper Georgetown, and Georgetown Heights by Carlton Fletcher – Maps [Maps, plats and diagrams, illustrating various aspects of the development of Georgetown Heights, Upper Georgetown, and Glover Park.]



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