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DC history FAQ – Naming the city and District

Q. Where did D.C. get its name?

A. Residence Bill July 16, 1790 established a site along the Potomac to be the Capital. It was not named until 1791.

From the Commissioners to Pierre L’Enfant:

Georgetown, September 9, 1791


We have agreed that the Federal district shall be called the ‘Territory of Columbia’ and the Federal city the ‘City of Washington.’ The title of the map will therefore be, A Map of the City of Washington, in the Territory of Columbia.

We have also agreed the streets to be named alphabetically one way and numerically the other, the former divided into north and south letters, the latter into east and west numbers, from the Capitol.

Th[omas] Johnson
D[avid] Stuart
Dan[iel] Carroll

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Noted in:
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Name changed to District of Columbia in 1793 [Busey, p.36]
The Commissioners left no record as to how or why the names were chosen.

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