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Matthew B. Gilmore

October 6, 1918

Read the October 6 Evening Star

The death continues to rise, yesterday’s 27 topped by today’s 31. The Star observed that most of the recent victims were war workers from outside the city and mostly under 30 years old.

“As a precautionary measure in many of the government departments and offices of the war activities, the windows and doors of the buildings housing thousands of young women and men were thrown open to admit the pure fresh air. This practice will
be in force in all the offices after today.”

The commissioners lamented the difficulty in getting cooperation from streetcar companies and passengers allowing the cars to run with open doors and windows.

Catholic University saw curious situation:

“C. U. Under Military Control.
Col. J. A. Dapray. U. S. A., commanding military officer of the military unit at Catholic University, said last night that the matter of closing that institution had not been considered for the reason that the 500 students formed a military organization, having been inducted into the service with all the restraints thrown around them which are believed will prevent the spread of the contagion there. A;l physical exercises have been suspended. except outdoor military drill. Saturday and Sunday leaves have been suspended as a precautionary measure to keep the students away from contagion.”



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