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“Dignified, restrained, and well-proportioned”: the Making of the District of Columbia Municipal Building

full text here: http://intowner.com/2016/02/17/dignified-restrained-and-well-proportioned-the-making-of-the-district-of-columbia-municipal-building/ Click this to find our archive of What Once Was articles. To view images full size & high resolution, left click on each Matthew B. Gilmore* Recently … Continue reading

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Ignorance is Bliss

Originally posted on Random Thoughts: Change, Primary Sources & Other Stuff:
What’s the connection between the phrase ignorance is bliss, Alexander Graham Bell’s induction device, the insanity plea, an apparatus…

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Map of Location of Garfield Shooting

Map of Location of President Garfield Shooting Map indicating location of shooting of President James A. Garfield (click to enlarge) showing current buildings and roads superimposed over an 1880s map. … Continue reading

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