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Update on the District of Columbia’s Archives and Public Records Office -Spring 2018

Progress continues at the DC Archives and Public Records Office on a number of fronts.

Sarah LeClair has joined the staff as an archivist. Move planning continues:

  • OPR has a Program Analyst as the point person for planning their move.
  • The necessary box-by-box inventory review has begun, including
    • incorporating location information into the archival information management system
    • more accurately assessing collection volume

Archives accomplishments

  • Automation — Completed first year of using their new archival information management system (AIMS) allowing the creation of a baseline for performance tracking.
  • Photographic negatives have been re-housed in archival quality folders
  • Progress continues on re-housing (re-foldering and flattening) the post-1948 building permits and creation of a spreadsheet listing them
  • Councilmember Jim Graham’s papers are being processed
  • A Catholic University archives management class practicum student drafted an archives processing manual, potentially standard operating procedures for archival accessions

Records Management accomplishments

  • Progress has been made in reviewing, revising, updating agency records retention schedules, with drafts of a number of schedules under review by OPR. Work will continue through FY18 and FY19
  • Work continues with National Archives Federal Records Center to  track DC agency use of records center services (DC records stored with the National Archives)


  • A collection development policy has been created, enhancing ability to manage the collection

See: “A Law Librarian Walks into an Archives” Rebecca Katz. Law Library Lights, Law Librarians’ Society of Washington, D.C. | Volume 61.3  http://www.llsdc.org/assets/LLL/61/LLSDC%20Newsletter%2061.3.pdf

Stated OPR Goals:

  • Finalize site determination for the Office of Public Records new building

Archival Goals

  • Develop a new website
  • publish finding aids online
  • create a database of building permit and plan holdings
  • begin digitization of land record indexes

Records Management Goals

  • Complete agency record retention schedules and annual review
  • update general schedules


  • weed extraneous publications
  • create online catalog

Information about the Office of Public Records/DC Archives

Link to the recorded budget oversight hearing:

Committee on Government Operations, Budget Oversight Hearing, Brandon Todd, Chairperson, 04/26/18 http://dc.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=4501

at 1:55 and following

Oversight responses http://dccouncil.us/files/user_uploads/budget_responses/2017-2018_OS_Oversight_Performance_Response_2.9.18_Final.pdf

Click: Previous District of Columbia Archives update

March 2015 post: http://march.rutgers.edu/2015/07/struggling-to-preserve-washington-dcs-archives-and-public-records-office/





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